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Welcome to the International Legends of Honor forum, brave Warriors!

Information about the Forum Restructuring.

TiresiaTiresia Community Manager Posts: 298
edited 30.09.2016 in Official Announcements

Dear Warriors,

As recently announced, Legends of Honor will not be developed further, at least for the moment.

Due to this fact, and the resources available in our Community Management team, we realised that it is time to restructure the different language forums available for Legends of Honor. By doing this we believe that we can continue to maintain an area where you can still discuss and stay up to date with the latest important information and announcements, while at the same time lower the required resources to make this possible.

We, therefore, would like to give everyone a warm bloody welcome to the International forum of Legends of Honor!

What does this mean to you?
In the next days, we will change the forum button located in-game, to redirect players from every server into the English Forum which will from now on work as an International forum.
The official language of this forum will be English, to allow everyone to interact with each other. But don’t worry! You will also find an area in the bottom part of the forum structure, where you can speak your native language with other players.

We believe this will improve your gaming experience, allowing you to interact with other players from all over the world, sharing tactical knowledge and receiving a wider variety of opinions and points of view all in the same place!

Once again, we would like to reassure you this is not the end of Legends of Honor, the servers will stay open for you to play!

Your Community Management team.

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