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The Passing of Weary

As most of you on the US1 server know, on October 17, 2016, we lost a long-time LoH member. Weary was a valued and beloved member of BoS and well known across the US1 server.  

I would like to thank everyone who took the time to pay their respects through the hundreds of kind messages, numerous efforts to stand vigil at Weary's castles and to all those who attended the silent memorial on October 24 at Weary's High Kingdom castle.  

Weary's grandson, another LoH player who goes by the name Varmit was in attendance at yesterday's memorial.  He logged onto his grandfather's account and was moved to tears at the turnout.  I would encourage all to send Varmit a message in-game to pass along your well-wishes and condolences.

Thank you all again for helping us honor a dear friend and provide him a fitting tribute.  It was a fine gesture of all to take a moment from the game to provide the opportunity for all - friend and foe alike -to stand side by side and bid our friend a fond farewell.  

Rest in Peace my warrior friend.  You have fought your final battle and your reward is the greatest of them all.

Nancy Getek
Leader, BoS
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