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Foul Players Killing the Server!

Gortt (US1)Gortt (US1) Member Posts: 3
Hello everyone,

I see there is little to no activity on this forum as of late so this may just be a dead game by now.

However, I have a gripe about the apparent lack of community policing of bad actors on the servers by the Good Games management.  There are several persons on the server who use intimidation, foul language, and unrelenting messaging to bully other players.  Now one might think this is a simple matter of adults ignoring childish behavior.  But it has been my observation as recent as today that this childish behavior has resulted in some of the game's top players leaving. 

I know full well that Good Games Management/ customer support has been sent numerous screen shots and PMs complaining of these antics to no avail.  The recent departure of (Sheywin), a long time player and prior to her departure the Bear Clan King on the US1 server, highlights this problem.  People should not have to be exposed to these unrelenting abuses with no repercussions.  A 24 hour slap on the wrist is hardly a fitting rebuke for such actions.  In addition to the abuse listed above some players have resulted to abuse of the game's pay to win attributes by purchasing astronomical troop strengths solely to attack and abuse people.  This kind of activity cannot stand or it will certainly destroy the game that has not already been severely hampered by the current string of ("enhancements').

I have not been playing this game as long as most but I have come to enjoy the company of many good people in both my alliance and some others that I socially chat with throughout the game.  I would really appreciate it if Good Games Management would seriously look into their policies on community (good Neighbor) or Play Nice rules.  Every other social game has such policies that I am aware of.  Only in the strict enforcement of these policies can you maintain a civil tone in these social games.

I know there are people out there who have other examples they have experienced in game with bad people.  I would invite you all to share these stories to demonstrate the wide spread nature of this problem.

Thank you all for your patience.

Your fellow player, Gortt.


  • Flipion (US1)Flipion (US1) Member Posts: 21

    you mean something like this? 45 one worded mass spam mail by sheywin in a 3 minute time frame?

    GLAD to see her gone

  • Flipion (US1)Flipion (US1) Member Posts: 21

    or this one? where she points out she still has 300 and some odd more one worded mail to spam?

  • Flipion (US1)Flipion (US1) Member Posts: 21

    or maybe this alt of sheywin and these mails directed to my friend are what you are refuring too gort?

  • Gortt (US1)Gortt (US1) Member Posts: 3
    Do you have any screen shots of the people offering to sell information about the Troop purchase exploits Flipion?  I think you are showing some interesting points.  Although, I don't know who Nightshade nor Equalizer4 are, based on the dates in your screen shots I would say this has been festering for quite some time.  This is a great example of how Good Games in mismanaging play nice rule enforcement and allowing bitter feuds to escalate out of control.

    We both know how personal these things can get....yes?
  • Flipion (US1)Flipion (US1) Member Posts: 21
    That i do not,

    As many rumors spread about Hunters, i will say, some of us spend alot on a game we enjoy, some dont, and some players simply cannot. BUT what hunter members do with their money, is no differnt than Sheywin purchasing troops, lord_clayton purchasing troops/ gems, myself purchasing nor any one else that does. I was first told about this by robojojude, AND by Getos which now seems to act "innocent" in all aspects as usual. People may not like me for what i say, but i put the truth out there and dont try to act two faced like so many on here. 

    Equalizer4 is a alt made by sheywin, first coming off in perfect english as you see, then going to acting like they cannot speak english. Full of rage and insanity over a game, she made equalizer4 to come once more to harras nightshade and wolfpack yet again.

    These "free based" games rely on these purchases to maintain a payroll check for their employees. as the games may be ran for free, the servers these companies use and the employee's and the designers making them obviously does not.

    what is sad is, sheywin was allowed to come back, just with a name change, but the exact same account and castles

    under the name !!!_192318  . THE REAL question, is how many people on this server will ACTUALLY stand up against her this time, and do what the good games company will not do.

    Southern Hunters was the only ones who had the balls to last time, lets see who grows a pair this time and helps stop the harrasment from this twisted person. as proof has been shown of her acts, and plenty more of it available at anyones request

  • darija (US1)darija (US1) Member Posts: 9
    how much do i have to spend to get 80M deffence on level 30 in all kingdms..just interesting
  • Raffles (US1)Raffles (US1) Member Posts: 335

    This is very interesting.

    I do not see any player on the server named !!!_192318 however

  • Rambo4 (US1)Rambo4 (US1) Member Posts: 225
    because !!_192318 doesn't exist, it's just what sheywin's account name is now on the leaderboard, the castles don't exist on the map.
  • glprsll129 (US1)glprsll129 (US1) Member Posts: 18
    do forget about game cheats, there are 2 players in the nowjustcrazy alliance that are somehow attacking other players while keeping there shield of peace intact on there castles and telling others that if they did not join coalition force they would get the hell burned out of them
  • abduahmad (US1)abduahmad (US1) Member Posts: 2

    This is very interesting.

    I do not see any player on the server named !!!_192318 however

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