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The Servers that are closed should get their accounts put on another server

Is it not possible to put the players from the servers that got closed onto another server? where it will be more active for them and they will be able to have fun again... People have put a lot of time and effort into building their accounts and this company has thrown it all away. Im glad i never spent on this game and people just starting need to watch out as u might spend 1 day then the next day game will be gone. People that have spent on the game should now be refunded if their account was deleted plus paid extra for all the time u have taken off us... Plz inform us on whats going on and if the AU1 players should just walk away for good and stop checking in. 


  • WHITEY (AU1)WHITEY (AU1) Member Posts: 9
    they don't care they got their money

  • Illusion (AU1)Illusion (AU1) Member Posts: 16
    just so u all know, our server is back up. would be nice to get a heads up and an explanation on what happened. we have now lost tons of players that i dont think will ever come back. why cant u just merge our servers? lol
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