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how does war deplomacy points work?

Hi all, i have a question maybe some1 can help with plz. we have declared war on an alliance and hit them daily we both hit eachother very hard but it seemed they gained points off our hits and we left stumped on how the system on this works, we lost the war cause of what im going to show u all and have restarted a new war just to see how the points work, here is what is going on... 

1st hit we did on them with a small wave, gave them 1799 points and us 0, we burnt the city there.... so without them doing 1 hit they already in the lead....
2nd hit gave us both honor. 1799 went to 11853 for them and we got 4082 points.
3rd hit that alliance went to 24256  and we went to 14182
4th hit 37532 we are 21124
5th hit 51161 we are 32546
and so on, this is only with us hitting, they HAVE NOT done 1 hit so how does this all work?


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