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Time for Some Brutal Honesty

CM PopeyeCM Popeye Community Manager Posts: 1,308
Hey guys, I am starting this discussion to get your brutally honest feedback regarding our game. I would like to know what you really think, and what you would like to see changed. You can also let me know what you like about the game as well. My goal here is to find some common game features that need to be addressed in order for us to make the game reach its full potential. Like I said, be brutal but keep it clean please.



  • Spookster (US1)Spookster (US1) Member Posts: 7
    Okay then.  to be honest I hate the burning of the castles.  The lowbies should not be able to attack hiher levels.  It should be like the higher levels they get no honor or lose honor.  And another thing getting to honor level 20 to unlock the third tier is way to high.  Also what good is the protection if another player can come right back and burn your castle?  Okay that was only starts hehheheeh
  • Habakuk (NL1)Habakuk (NL1) Member Posts: 73
    The repairing times of burning buildings is too long. Repairing 10 or more buildings that take an hour each isnt any fun.
  • I think that you should lose no honor if you are attacked and burned by much lower level players you should be able to attack them back no matter what their level. I also think the repair time should be shortened. The transport time to transport resources and troops to other kingdoms is also to long. Heal time in hospital should be shorter too. There should be an SOS button to alert your allies that you are under attack. There should be a battle report to the leaders and deputies when one of the members of their alliance has been attacked. >:)
  • Spookster (US1)Spookster (US1) Member Posts: 7
    Well for the Likes.  Getting gems off the villens is a big plus.  Another plus is getting chiv. rewards for killing villens.
  • Oldnana (US1)Oldnana (US1) Member Posts: 1
    It's difficult to tell when these posts were made, as I see no date stamp. I've played many MMORPGs, including WoW, the old EverQuest, etc., and this game appears to be interesting and fun. The problem lies with my difficulty in seeing objects, etc. There is no ability to zoom in, and for those with less than excellent eyesight, it becomes a problem. Although I'm far from vision challenged, at 73 one's vision isn't what it was at 16. Thank you for the opportunity to check it out, however, and I wish you the best of success.
  • Spookster (US1)Spookster (US1) Member Posts: 7
    Yes a zoom in and out would be a big plus.
  • VIP TartarusHD (US1)VIP TartarusHD (US1) Member Posts: 4
    edited 27.05.2016
    Okay then.  to be honest I hate the burning of the castles.  The lowbies should not be able to attack hiher levels.  It should be like the higher levels they get no honor or lose honor.  And another thing getting to honor level 20 to unlock the third tier is way to high.  Also what good is the protection if another player can come right back and burn your castle?  Okay that was only starts hehheheeh
    -Low players should be able to attack Higher level players, or the game will be unbalanced
    -Honor level 20 unlocking Grade III is good reward for players who push their game to the limit.
    -Protection serves as your tool to revenge or gather your troops/defense for other incoming attack.

    No Hate. :tongue:

    The game was very interesting and fun!
    Free Gems on Marauders!
    Awesome Alliance!

    >Lessen the repair time when attack by players!
    >Battle Report to Leaders and Deputies!
    >Unlock the Heroes Equipment and Skills!
    >Free VIP Time and Toints in Daily Tournament Rewards! :tongue: 
    >Can attack foreign players or other servers!

    >Oh well, too many inactive players need to clean
    3-5 months old need to be clean or not appear in map until the owner get back to the game

    >Donation in Alliance (resources)
    -Upgrading Research
    >Research System in Alliance for Boost

    More power!


  • Rambo4 (US1)Rambo4 (US1) Member Posts: 225
    I like the way the game is progressing, (not all the glitches ofc) but there needs to be some changes to the way low and high lvls can hit others. It's clearly horribly imbalanced if you can have a dozen low lvls hit you and not be able to do anything back.

    Also I feel like research times should be changed a bit, I know they are meant to be long, but newcomers will be at a unbelievably large disadvantage if they are trying to catch up, especially in research which gives MASSIVE bonuses to long time users.

    Also.. mines/woodcutters/quarries..e.t.c are all useless, and therefore the research for them are also useless.. they simply give so little I can't understand why ANYONE would use them at all.

    1 other point to mention is that the fear quests lvl you up WAY too fast, especially in a game where lvling up has so many disadvantages, and most people are purposely trying not to level up so they can still hit things. Soaring way past most people level wise in the game, despite many playing a lot longer, don't think the game should screw you for playing more.
  • Teighernach (US1)Teighernach (US1) Member Posts: 32
    I agree with many of the other statements and would like to add a few of my own. I have problems with food and have real trouble trying to figure out how many troops will use how much bread. Maybe instead of individual bread usage, there be a way to determine usage if one has 108 or such number of troops. Healing time for troops is far too long. By the time my troops are healed, I'm under attack again. While the Shield Of Peace can be helpful if I'm on the game 24/7, there are people waiting for the Shield time to end to attack again. If I could offer a suggestion: since we have to wait 24 hours before we can move our castles, perhaps we could go 24 hours before we come under attack again. This would give us time to recoup and regroup.
    On the great side: This game is well done and easy enough for newbies to understand and challenging enough for experienced players. It's Very Cool to get gems off marauders and raiders. After a bit, I found a great alliance. Both chat and event log are extremely helpful. And Thanks Muchly for giving us the chance to share our ideas.
  • spookfish (US1)spookfish (US1) Member Posts: 22
    The amount of honor gained versus what is lost daily is disproportionate, you have to attack way to many people to get back what you lose especially the higher you go, this is creating the massive repeat attacks that some groups are carrying out. I don't mind a little loss and the rewards help but most days I can't find enough people to hit that have not already been hit to make up the difference. I know this is a personal choice but I don't like hitting a castle with less than 200k of defense. Also I think the ability to repeatedly hit and hit drives people from the game, I was getting pretty frustrated when I was hit 10 times in 36 hours, I could not even build a force back up. Maybe set a minimum level of troops needed before you can be re-hit based on your level 
  • beasty (US1)beasty (US1) Member Posts: 49
    The constant reburning of castles , before they can be rebuilt
  • Habakuk (NL1)Habakuk (NL1) Member Posts: 73
    option to close the mission book would be nice :)
  • Bugs73 (US1)Bugs73 (US1) Member Posts: 6
    There should be big honor loss for burning and reburning an already burning castle. Groups and/or players who do repeat burning of burning castles or groups are causing players to give up and quit the game. Abandoned castles should be removed from the map. Daily honor loss is too high compared to the effort needed to keep up with that loss. If the faction set up is to be taken seriously, which it isn't at present, there needs to be honor loss for attacking players and alliances in your own faction. Otherwise, get rid of the factions; they're meaningless. Preventing higher levels from attacking lower by a big honor loss works to allow lower levels to build but there needs to be some mechanism to allow higher levels to retaliate against lower levels without losing honor when those lower levels repeat attacks. If lower levels are engaging in battles or wars in enemy territory, there should be no honor penalty if they are attacked by a higher level. Set up that a hero over 50 tiles from their castle is open game to anyone without losing honor. But, being brutally honest, the biggest problem with the game is the troop and booster loss glitch not being fixed and support giving us false information that it is due to starvation (boosters don't starve) or it is a one time glitch or that loss doesn't happen after logging out. You need to also be brutally honest and admit there is a problem, that you are working on it, and that you don't have a clue why it is happening at present. Nonsense excuses for problems just make things worse.
  • Bugs73 (US1)Bugs73 (US1) Member Posts: 6
    I just saw the announcement that troop loss is due to desertion and the desertion pop up not working. Brutally honest? My happiness levels are good and my food levels keep my troops fed. Last night I lost around 40% of my troops assigned to heroes. Nightly losses of anywhere from 10% or 50% of troops has been common over the last two weeks. That level of desertion is a big problem. I'm guessing you can't figure out the glitch causing troop and booster loss so you're going with a desertion excuse (since blaming it on starvation didn't work). Brutally honest? This level of "desertion" is unacceptable.
  • flyingpig (US1)flyingpig (US1) Member Posts: 50
    What I like: 
    Alliances and the interplay of the alliances.
    Multiple ways to "win" have fun, that is levels for so many different things fear, honor, ranks, player level gives me many ways to feel I am getting ahead and contributing. 
    I do enjoy playing the game.

    Don't like:
    Not receiving awards from tourney,  and must submit a ticket.  There is not way for me to know where I ranked in the tourney a day or two after it is over, I cannot support a claim and don't even know if I have one.  It is the games responsibility to keep track of this.  My troop levels and resource  vary so much every few minutes there is now way, I would know if a few are missing or I'm being cheated.   

    Pop-ups to receive awards right after a battle.  If I win a battle, I will quickly die when I get the pop-up to assign XP award to my heros or that I have received this or that and need to click through.  Put this junk on the side and I'll get to it after the battle. 

    Useless things.  woodcutters, stone quaries, Iron mines, sulfer mines, Vaults and any upgrades or research items associated wth these are useless.  When you first start the game you can get enough resource from these things but they quickly become useless.  When I need more than a days wood out of 6 lvl what ever woodcutters to upgrade 1 farm or house, it is rediculious.  My question is, can you guys do math and the answer is clear, NO.

    Reduced time upgrades and research.  1% redued time or increase of something needs to be meaningful.  Reduced time to recruit of 1% gives me less than 1 sec per minute.  If something takes 10 min, I get 6 seconds.  As I said before, it is clear you cannot do the math.  For upgrades that take 10 minutes a 1% increase gives me 6 seconds.  Please tell me you know this is meanlingless.  To upgrade a time improvement research 10 times to get just a minute out of a 10 minute upgrade is way too expensive and time consuming.  By the way there is not upgrade that takes 10 minutes or less. 

    Shield of Peace:  2 hours, makes no sense.  This is another math problem, please go back to school and learn some basic math.  If it takes me 3 hours to get enough troops (appropriate level troops) to fill my heros, I can't do anything for three hours.  I cant kill villians to get wood to rebuild, I cant attack, I cannot defend.  If I am not on, nothing has changed in 2 hours except my enemy has more troops to burn me more, and increase the damange on my castle, which will now take even longer to rebuild.  Shield of Peace should be based on something real, like the number of troops, percent damage to castle.  Something like, enough troops (appropriate level), x precent of damange repaired, or 24 hours have passed.  And of course if a player under the shield attacks another player, shield is gone.

    No time off:   You cannot leave this game for a day with out losing something.  The constant need to do something is part of the addictive nature of the game and I like it.  But real life sometimes causes a need to leave the game for a few days.  If you leave for a few days, you will come back to nothing.  Likely your castle was attacked and weakened so much that it burned, no matter how vallent the effort of your alliance.  essentially, you come back to an empty hull of stone, with a high level, no resource buildings (because they are useless) and a need to use lvl 2 troops to gain back the 3mil in honor you lost. Rebuilding your burning castle can take weeks.   

    Enough said.  I enjoy the game and look forward to your improvements. 
  • beasty (US1)beasty (US1) Member Posts: 49
    I agree that you can't leave the game and go on vacation and expect anything to be standing when you get back.simple fix, if anything in your castle is burning, you can not attack or be attacked by enemy players.
  • First too many game buggs and glitches.
    lost too many troops because game decided to do a reset on its own.
    Also the tax level is too high for honor. you work your butt off trying to get to level 20 just to lose it when taxes are done.
    Also the level needed to reach level 3 troops is too high if your going to keep the tax level at its present rate. One or the other needs to be lowered...

    Also too many players with multi accounts...
  • Another thing what about being able to trade resources between members. Or at least between alliance members..
  • Jillian (NL1)Jillian (NL1) Member Posts: 224
    Okay then.  to be honest I hate the burning of the castles.  The lowbies should not be able to attack hiher levels.  It should be like the higher levels they get no honor or lose honor.  And another thing getting to honor level 20 to unlock the third tier is way to high.  Also what good is the protection if another player can come right back and burn your castle?  Okay that was only starts hehheheeh
    Reaching honor rank 20 is like, easy. Especially with the alliance rewards nowadays.
    I can't get more then 50k honor every couple of days, yet i'm maintaining rank 20 honor...
    Overall, I can complain all I want about this game, yet I'm still playing so its not all bad.

    There are too many bugs that remain unsolved. for instance, I still hear people complain about the blackscreenfreeze something bug when they are attacking other players. 

    The shield of peace is a joke. I think it would be more fair to remove burning buildings, just let the castle owner pay a price of resources when they get on after being hit to remove the happiness decrease. I don't want to know how horrible long it'll take to fix my castles after I get hit.

    As certain people previously mentioned; level balance is horrible. The more active you are; the more you screw yoursellf. I've stopped doing marauders for hero XP for weeks now, i was outleveling the server way too much. actually, i still do. with those 4 people that are in honor range, and 2 of em are alliance members...

    `find a way to not punish active players. 

    Thats all I can elaborate on for now, there is probably more; but I can't think of it right now.

  • jesusislord (US1)jesusislord (US1) Member Posts: 32
    I wish there was a way to send people recorces also daily tasked and more tips of events many one like berimond or somthing otherwise it is really good
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