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Discussion: Update 01.06 - Equiment Fit for Heroes!

CM PopeyeCM Popeye Community Manager Posts: 1,308
Legends! Go ahead and post any questions or thoughts about our latest update in here. Now go forth an dominate!



  • Jillian (NL1)Jillian (NL1) Member Posts: 224
    edited 01.06.2016
    I will not comment on the equipment as of now, as we'll have to see how it affects us, I have to say, I'm psyched for this update!

    I have a few concerns though.

    • As new Honor Ranks have been introduced, the amount of Points needed to reach certainRanks has also been adjusted.

    • This also means that Grade III Units will be a bit tougher to Recruit, but the decay levels have also been adjusted to compensate for this. 

    In the lower populated servers, as the one I am playing in, its already not possible for me to create grade III troops, as there simply isn't enough honor to obtain for my level. 

    I am aware this game is based on "PVP" But as the patchnotes state, there is a PVE aspect in here(look at the, equipment patchnotes). Why won't you make it so that a certain fear rank also makes you able to make grade III troops? (and maybe even grade IV)

    It takes alot more time to  get a high fear rank then it takes to get a high honor rank (especially on the higher populated servers it would seem to me) 

    All in all some good features people have been asking for!

    Ps. When can we expect this patch?

    You beat me to it, 1 to 2 hours. so 1300/1500 european time
  • Rambo4 (US1)Rambo4 (US1) Member Posts: 225
    Wow, pretty impressed with the content of this update!
    Only thing I'm not sure about is how the equipment will work, or what not.
    Well, I originally thought it would be a big Easter hunt to farm marauders hoping they would drop good equipment, but this way works too lol
  • Jillian (NL1)Jillian (NL1) Member Posts: 224
    I almost forgot,

    will we ever see tournaments for lvl 51-60 and 61-70?

    the differences between those level range are so huge;  For instance, my heroes are about 8 levels higher then the average level 41 which makes farming fear so much easier then it is for the average lvl 41. not to mention the recruitment speed, hapiness bonus i have over them that increases my farming speed.

    On a sidenote, on honor days the lvl 41 has it 100x as easy as me, as im basically happy if i can get ANY honor at all...
  • Habakuk (NL1)Habakuk (NL1) Member Posts: 73
    What about the mass mail that was announced?
  • Jillian (NL1)Jillian (NL1) Member Posts: 224
    Allright so the update is postponed (again)

    You say its coming in the morning, but what timezone is that?  
  • Habakuk (NL1)Habakuk (NL1) Member Posts: 73
    Yeah ,would also like to know an aproximate time so I can have my heroes in their castles.
  • Jillian (NL1)Jillian (NL1) Member Posts: 224
    Well the time arrived
  • CM PopeyeCM Popeye Community Manager Posts: 1,308
    The update is going live now, and I am sure you noticed we had to remove the mass messaging feature. There were a few problems with it, so we will get those fixed and put it in a future update.

  • Jillian (NL1)Jillian (NL1) Member Posts: 224
    edited 02.06.2016
    I assume this will fix itself when the rankings up date?

    Also does this mean i need 4.6 mil honor for honor rank 23? lol

    Anyways, I can see why the honor requirements are upped, but just how is this balanced for lower populated servers?

    So basically equipment is either for PVP or for PVE, since it only affects one of the 2. not "More effective for pvp" etc

    I had another idea;  Don't make people loose honor/fear untill a certain honor/fear level. 

    Essentially, the last few levels should be the only fear/honor levels that you "have to fight for".   
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  • CM PopeyeCM Popeye Community Manager Posts: 1,308
    @Jillian (NL1) I passed the pic over to the bug team, but seems like it will resolve itself.

    It is not balanced for specific servers unfortunately.

  • Jillian (NL1)Jillian (NL1) Member Posts: 224
    edited 02.06.2016
    @CM Popeye 
    Yeah it fixed itsellf once i got the daily rewards (which had honor, so I assume that was the issue)

    are there ideas to make III and IV units available through fear ranks in the future? 

    And SERIOUSLY, the 900k honor reward from weekly event got replaced by a frigin piece of equipment?  thats just... god... those pieces of equipment shouldn't overrule the important rewards for already horribly hated people like me that can't get honor on ANYBODY.

    Also, the equipments are 100% useless right now. the effect they'll bring at level one is so miniscule its idiotic.

    No one wants to see equipment in the daily/weekly rewards. Maybe only put those in as medal rewards

    bring back my 900k honor reward plz :neutral: 
  • Jillian (NL1)Jillian (NL1) Member Posts: 224
    edited 02.06.2016

    Small bug, can't select my treasury when its upgrading.  Also haven't been able to recreate it yet, but the treasury had an icon above it like it was full like 5 times in a row with only 100k coins in it (i can hold over 1 million in there...)


    Here, it was "green" like it is full, and only had 75k inside...
    Its repeating, everytime its green it only holds 75k coins

    http://puu.sh/pdTey/0f29375a7d.jpg  I actually had to spend gems to finish the building, just so I could show that it shouldn't cap at 75k..

    deleting units is handy, but why can you choose how much you delete? you can only delete "all II ranged" 
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  • Habakuk (NL1)Habakuk (NL1) Member Posts: 73
    edited 03.06.2016
    I dont like being setback in a game. I had level III based armies now I have only acces to swordsmen.

    No fun not nice and the honor decay still eating away every night, bad move ..Seriously considering
    moving away from this game, too bad.
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  • scottio (US1)scottio (US1) Member Posts: 2
    Wow, pretty impressed with the content of this update!
    Only thing I'm not sure about is how the equipment will work, or what not.
    Well, I originally thought it would be a big Easter hunt to farm marauders hoping they would drop good equipment, but this way works too lol
    i waana know why ive been playing the game for so long and have not recieved a breast plate....alotta time and money and cant get it.very dicouraging and ready to just bag it all....no way should i have waited this long for that item..i hope there are some answers soon or i will just throw in the towel.
  • QueenCersei (RO1)QueenCersei (RO1) Member Posts: 1
    It's been almost a year since you announced this update and yet, we don't see a bit of a change. When this will come, after all? In 31st of February?
    We spent so much money on this game and yet, you haven't developed a button for us to unequip the equipament. 
    I'd love to have an answer asap.

  • MadMardigan (US1)MadMardigan (US1) Member Posts: 2
    I have read, they are no longer supporting the game ( resources allocated to mobile app or elsewhere by now).

     In other words, they were not creating the revenue on the browser based game that they had expected.  Usually a company will let the game kill itself while also grabbing every bit of cash it can squeeze out of a platform and then cancel it when it can no longer support the server cost.
  • verity (US1)verity (US1) Member Posts: 20
    it is crazy that developers think it is okay to give one piece of leather for up grading equipment from each villain.  i will be 90 before i can up grade equipment.  really one per villain?  come on!  also stop allowing people to give up their honor daily.  it was supposed to be a deterrent now everyone does it so they wont get hit.  find a way to end that GG
  • mabehilo (ES1)mabehilo (ES1) Member Posts: 112
    Que la última "mejora", jeje, antes de abandonarnos fuera dejarnos con los "sinhonor" terminando de fastidiar el juego ¡manda narices!
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