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Discussion: Update 07.07.2016 - Time for an Upgrade

CM PopeyeCM Popeye Community Manager Posts: 1,308
Hey guys, Go ahead and leave any feedback or questions regarding our latest update in here.



  • Touch and go (GB1)Touch and go (GB1) Member Posts: 10
    disapointing as main problems are still not touched.
    honor deduction based on level needs to go
    war system is totally unfair towards higher levels
    tournament rewards are too good to compare the recruitment and healing speed (only need to look what is going on on Eng server with new alliance full of low levels killing everyone around, and i mean everyone).
  • Touch and go (GB1)Touch and go (GB1) Member Posts: 10
    i personally can promise not to buy anything until changes above are not met. whatever others feel is up to them.
    i see no reason why i should pay and play in disadvantage just because of a level difference...
    high lvl = longer play time = loyalty.
    other way saying GG is punishing loyal players. Thanks :smiley:
  • lmfboom (US1)lmfboom (US1) Member Posts: 14
    LMFAOOOOOOO more useless updates thanks GG! :D
  • TrogGamer (US1)TrogGamer (US1) Member Posts: 8
    You Guys are really trying hard to KILL this game. Why don't you just listen to the majority of players and go by that to make your updates. It seems to me the management team just don't care what we your loyal customers have to say. On that note your going to lose a lot of players.
  • teyong (US1)teyong (US1) Member Posts: 19
    Well; I guess that I will stick around until the coiners get up there and the little guys burn me daily

    No more real $$$$ from me

    This game has become something I waste my time on
  • TrogGamer (US1)TrogGamer (US1) Member Posts: 8
    One Question How do you collect Anvils ???  So you can upgrade your weapons
  • Laurelee (US1)Laurelee (US1) Member Posts: 31
    I like that you reduced the healing times. This is probably the only positive thing I can say about the new update. Still have lots of reported bugs that have yet to be fixed and lots of requested/promised features (global alliance messaging for example) that have yet to be implemented. Also, the Shield of Peace still needs to be tweaked. Granted, it is better than it was. However a 7 hour shield is not sufficient for most. I was burned just shortly after I retired last night. Thankfully, I woke up early, as I had just under an hour left on the Shield. With the recruitment speeds still be ridiculous, there is NO way that someone who is burned while sleeping or at work would have a prayer of recovering before being burned again with the shield still being so short.

    Also, I and several others have reported what we are referring to as dead zones on the map in High Kingdom on the US server. These are squares of varying sizes (I've found anywhere from between a 6x10 square to a 20x20 square) that no one can move a castle to. You can move castles to all borders of these areas, but not inside them. They are well within the borders of the map. Tech support tells me these areas have never been unlocked. However, 2 of the ones I have encountered had abandoned castles in them. I've personally submitted screenshots and additional information to tech support, but they don't seem to understand the situation. We have tried moving our alliance next to a cluster/hive of allied alliances and can't get it done due to these areas. It is like the entire cluster/hive is surrounded by these dead areas. Has anyone else noticed this problem?
    Leader - Dragon Rebels Alliance
  • Jillian (NL1)Jillian (NL1) Member Posts: 224
    One Question How do you collect Anvils ???  So you can upgrade your weapons
    from marauders
  • Cerjio (US1)Cerjio (US1) Member Posts: 46
    10 minute shorter healing time for 140 units?  Not complaining but it's still a slap in the face when you have people that only can log in only a few minutes at a time because of real life.  If you guys want people to stay and play your game, you need to help out the casual players.  There is a guy in my alliance that keeps getting attacked but he only can log in once a day for about 30 minutes.  We can only defend him for so long.  These are the players that I fight for Popeye.  You can't do anything in 30 minutes except for maybe attacking 1 to 2 castles and heal what you can.  10 minutes shorter healing times aren't going to cut it in my book.  Some people just don't have the time to do a lot in this game and they suffer for it. 
  • At least hunting villains will be easier. With the lower heal times I can now do that. The equipment update is of no good to me because I have none and at my level is impossible to obtain. it does seem like a good thing though for the lower levels. :|
  • Mischief (US1)Mischief (US1) Member Posts: 9
    I will keep my post positive. Thanks for the shorter heal time on troops. 
  • Getos (US1)Getos (US1) Member Posts: 95
    edited 07.07.2016
    @CM Popeye  That one step toward getting back the game going. Expecting a little bit more tweaking at Recruitment. And it will be good enough. I like the hospital times it make more sense now and training ground upgrade. Luckily i had that one a bit upgraded. But still recruitment need a bit more tweaking and we are good to go.

    I will agree with @Laurelee (US1)  Regarding the map I have been reporting map bugs since 7 months ago i swear it is never fixed we are giving up really. I wished this was more top priority than increasing the healing time and messing with balance and also The mass message system i personally pmed u about it like 3 times in the last 4 months. Last but not least for anyone lvl 40 + we don't even know about equipment because last time u made the tournament combining lvl 41-70 there was only like 10-15 player there. Now by time we are MANY players over lvl 40 and only top 2 can win Equipment. You really need to reconsider it because we can't play the same game of the new guys who luckily get equipment at top 50  with way less effort than we do. But thanks for the update tho
  • LegendOfHonor (NL1)LegendOfHonor (NL1) Member Posts: 34
    bummer that only the first 10 levels of training ground are improved
    also in 1 hour or so I upgraded all equipment to level 5 max, so was that it? level 5 and nothing more? I espected atleast 50 levels with more dificult succes rates etc or did I do something wrong and are there more levels?
  • kapn_jack (US1)kapn_jack (US1) Member Posts: 62
    ..i hav to say that it's one of the better updates that i've seen in the short time that i've been playing this game ..glad 2c the shorter healing times in the hospital ..makes it a lot easier @ least farming marauders should help sum with the attacks as well ..the increase in food storage is a positive as well ..the equipment stuff for me is hard to come by so no help really there

    ..with that being said i'm wondering y the old building issues hav not been fixed ..while updating the barracks it takes u back to original recruitment numbers for the slots ..same while upgrading storage it takes u back to original storage numbers and the troops that it takes days to recruit are lost ..it would REALLY b nice if those two BIG BIG issues could b fixed before u come up with another upgrade
  • Oddie (US1)Oddie (US1) Member Posts: 29
    Thank you for the relief in healing times and a little on recruiting, the game is more enjoyable since i can both attack a player and villains within the same  game session. 

    I have encountered  dead space as well. did not realized it was a wide scale glitched.

    Can we have  as players a research  page with bonuses  shown as the alliances have?  would greatly help knowing what you have.

    what should we do  with all these anvils if we do  have equipment?  maybe a trebuchet to launch them at enemies?

    Thank you again for shortening the  healing times
  • outronick2 (US1)outronick2 (US1) Member Posts: 39
    After complaining for days it is time to say thank you for reducing the time to heal. In my opinion it is not good but it is better. 
  • King Doggy (AU1)King Doggy (AU1) Member Posts: 19
    My eyes are literally killing me when I look at those times slowly ticking away!
  • weav (US1)weav (US1) Member Posts: 1
    your update is a joke, don't see any difference in the healing times still taking hours to heal troops
  • Cerjio (US1)Cerjio (US1) Member Posts: 46
    I do see a difference in healing time but it's not good enough.  Still takes forever to heal.
  • Dave IV (GB1)Dave IV (GB1) Member Posts: 4
    Well, you sure know how to loose players fast. They are leaving in droves.
    A question for you game makers, and I use that term very loosely. Have you ever played this game lately?
    I think someone from you lot should and try it from a high level, just to see how you get on.
    Why is it that a lot of us can't move our castles? Some of us spend most of the day trying and we get the same message that don't explain it as we have done all it says we need to do. It can't be a bug in the system because you would have fixed that. Oh no! you don't fix the game, you just add to a failing system. Try fixing what you got and stop adding extras until it works right.
    But don't mind me, I'm just a player that has spent my money for the last time and will be quitting pretty soon if the game keeps going the way it is.
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