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Join Devils Brigade Today

Devils Brigade is looking for new members...prospective players should have multiple browsers because we encourage our members to have multiple accounts... this is important because,

1/ We can attack our alternate accounts to collect honor so we make sure that we win daily tourneys.
2/ You can use them to support yourself in attacking other players.

It's also really handy to have one really high level account to crush smaller players that wouldn't have a chance, and have low level accounts to harrass bigger players who have won't hit back because of the honor penalty

Join our members like WTF, Jack the Ripper and Greenthumb in attacking other players...oh hang on...don't bother...this seems to be the same player and they wont need your support....

Don't ever worry about being attacked by anyone...because our top players like Toy, Illusion, Reyna and several others don't have a problem with wiping out players in every kingdom... even if they are 20+ levels lower than them.

If you are ever worried about being attacked by someone on your own level don't... Screwy_Society has worked out that if you change factions you can wipe out all your honour and you wont have to worry about that now.

If you get board with normal gameplay, become a spy and infiltrate other alliances so that we know all their moves...we can attack them when no one is on, and ambush them when they try to coordinate an attack

Join our sister alliance... we don't care that GoodGames cap alliance member numbers... the more the merrier

We believe that the only way you can truly win this game is by making everybody who isn't a Devils Brigade member hate it so much that they quit

So if you like to metagame, be a bully, win at any cost...join Devils Brigade at Legends of Dishonor... don't worry about disciplinary action from GoodGames...a few of us spend big bucks, and GoodGames don't seem to understand that why would anybody else want to invest in the game when they would have to put up with players like us


  • Blackwood1 (AU1)Blackwood1 (AU1) Member Posts: 63
    Thanks, I needed a good laugh, talk about the pot calling the kettle black.
  • King Doggy (AU1)King Doggy (AU1) Member Posts: 19
    Lol Uther Pendragon
    Only because ur bad u say this lol!
  • bindieye007 (AU1)bindieye007 (AU1) Member Posts: 8
    The most dishonourable player in the game...destroying the game for other players.
  • Illusion (AU1)Illusion (AU1) Member Posts: 16
    edited 08.09.2016
    this is 2 funny.... im very sorry 2 the public 4 this page as it was not needed and i will explain why...

    most people have 2 or 3 accounts in games like this. i dont see it as a prob as its making the game more active. u guys also use alts just the same... its the pot calling the kettle black lol

    i havnt seen 1 person use an alt 2 win daily tournaments...
    u say i go burning every1 on every realm? funny cause u havnt burnt in AGES!!!! and there are a few of u. just takes keeping troops. we have gone through u guys everyday pounding us even when we asked 4 a break 2 build up u guys hit harder. now the shoe is on the other foot u cant handle loosing?

    u urself hit players lower than urself and its how the game is designed. hell ur alt has had more honor than me nearly my whole game lol, dont say its cause people hit u cause i know u do all the hitting with it on smaller accounts... 

    all games like this have spies, its something u have 2 deal with. dont let it get 2 u lol
    i know 4 a fact u guys had a active spy in our alliance and still might have but we dont really care about it lol

    whats wrong in having a sister alliance? again in games like this people do that and its not like its breaking the law is it? we just being friendly and getting players together and having fun. 

    We dont want players to quit the game, u even know we offered a truce 4 a bit so u guys can get back up. that didnt go 2 well cause as it was getting setup with u, u went and hit our members hard. does that sound like u want a break?

    so when u talking of "players like this" look in ur alliance and think of the past :P

    i just see this page as a waist and popeye u should del it as its all rubbish, they are mad they are now loosing due to players leaving the game from updates and troop cooking times changed where our players have stuck it out and enjoyed the game.  As i said b4, this is the pot calling the kettle black lol

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  • Illusion (AU1)Illusion (AU1) Member Posts: 16
    bully players? u want me 2 show u a bully? im taking it easy on u guys like many in DB, we also care 4 the game and dont want 2 see it destroyed. its funny how u guys are saying this when u guys were in our position u were being big bullies and when we asked 4 a break from being hit u guys hit even harder. why now must we back off? (even though we are)

    funny getting a small taste of ur own medicine is 2 much 4 u guys lol 
  • Illusion (AU1)Illusion (AU1) Member Posts: 16
    i think there should be a realm chat where we could all say stuff, u would see that most of the realm thats left will agree with me and feel u guys should be beat down a lot harder than u are being
  • Illusion (AU1)Illusion (AU1) Member Posts: 16
    edited 06.09.2016
    sorry bindieye, i thought u were in looney, just looked and u in wild loners that i know nothing of. why do u even write here? u hardly get hit lol

    i would think loony would be hitting u guys more due to their honor climbing so must be hitting something and its sure not us
    Post edited by Illusion (AU1) on
  • bindieye007 (AU1)bindieye007 (AU1) Member Posts: 8
    You don't see us Illusion? Oh too bad but we do get pack attacked regularly by the larger alliances.  We try to stay away from the big guys because we are so small, however we choose our targets and are growing slowly. Everybody has setbacks in this game. I am not complaining just get discouraged when some /bully/ players make unnecessary threats to wipe us off the map. 1=3 mil against  3=5 mil is no contest and constant rebuilding makes for a boring game.

  • Habakuk (NL1)Habakuk (NL1) Member Posts: 73
    constant rebuilding makes a boring game; you only have to put out rhe towers and it is for free.
    You cant be attacked for hours after an attack. Irealy dont see what your problem is.
  • Avignon (AU1)Avignon (AU1) Member Posts: 9
    constant rebuilding makes a boring game; you only have to put out rhe towers and it is for free.
    You cant be attacked for hours after an attack. Irealy dont see what your problem is.

    I am attacked sometimes and wiped out 2-3 times in a row.  Yes, I do transfer all resources out at 2 hours then back again at another 2 hours.  I use the gems I purchase and earn for hospital upgrades and open more slots only.
    This means I must wait over 4 hours to recruit enough troops to fill just one hero.  Due to the extreme limited amount of space in our hospitals, though we level those up, also, we're still not able to get enough troops to regain much of our losses.  As far as the towers, in each of my castles there is one tower which is burned down to the wood, which I don't bother fixing any more since I will be attacked within a short time again and the respective towers are again wood.
    As far as people attacking 20 levels below their own, which is common with Illusion, this sabotages those smaller players. 
    Habakuk, you must have 0 glitches and absolutely the best hospitals and barracks in the entire game!

  • bindieye007 (AU1)bindieye007 (AU1) Member Posts: 8
    It is easy to see how chat can diverge from some topics. My original post concerned the utter arrogance of Uther Pendargon. and how that particular alliance has no concern for the smaller players
     Yes I understand that this is a war game with allies, spies,sister alliances, multiple accounts and pack attacks. Some players probably have more than 1 pc as well.
    I have no problem with rebuilding my castle, yes that is just towers and costs nothing, but it takes time to rebuild troops and the shield stops one from attacking an enemy player. Support is OK if you have the players to support. 
    I guess my problem is not the game as such but the arrogance of some players.
    Thanks for the advise Habakuk. maybe I m just too honorable for this type of game.

  • Habakuk (NL1)Habakuk (NL1) Member Posts: 73
    A widely used tactic is to send your full heroes away from the castle to spare your troops. By doing this you make your castle less desirable as a target because empty castles give only little or no honor to the attacker.
  • bindieye007 (AU1)bindieye007 (AU1) Member Posts: 8
    Yes, I do that every time. It saves a lot of troop healing ect.
  • bindieye007 (AU1)bindieye007 (AU1) Member Posts: 8
    My sincere apologies to Uther Pendragon. ooooops I didn't realise you were being factitious in your post of 22.08..
  • Illusion (AU1)Illusion (AU1) Member Posts: 16
    edited 08.09.2016
    my apologies 2 every1, i can take things a bit personal when my name is dragged into the convo. Avignon u must have not been around much have u? cause when i started this ZEN, Uther and his alt, Sleuth, and all looney where 20x bigger than me and as i got 2 the point they could hit me they did even though i was smaller than them, they tried hard 2 keep us clear of troops.If u still had all ur players and if the honor system and hitting players was like it is now they would be clearing house and u know it. just cause im growing faster than all the big players here i mustnt hit the players that hit me? (even though i dont really)

    its not hard 2 build troops up, u guys are out of reach in ice and starting in DM 2 do the same i see. its so simple we had to do the same back in the day and port away from u guys but all u guys did was port after us and pick off players that havnt logged to port, so once again the pot calling the kettle black... i think the topic of the convo should be that lol

    2 Bindie, we are a very understanding alliance and if u ever want a truce for awhile we can set a time and let u guys build up, just remember u will always get some players make mistakes but it will be tons better if u finding it hard. u can also try with other alliances that hit u guys and im sure they will do the same.
    doesnt hurt 2 ask :)

    Getting players to support each other seems a porb in a few alliances here, ive even spoken to a looney player that said he/she wont support a city at all thats getting hit and i feel with attitudes like that how can an alliance survive? its all about team work. i hope it does change as it wasnt always like this. looney u were once an alliance that players were scared of hitting but now u dont even keep troops. u guys are lucky we dont treat u guys like u once did 2 us and kill empty cities 24/7 now take our kindness and use it :)
    maybe dont get uther 2 do ur diplo, get some1 kind lol
  • minewarrior (AU1)minewarrior (AU1) Member Posts: 49
    Good to read stuff of the past lol.
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