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Broken Hospital

Illusion (AU1)Illusion (AU1) Member Posts: 16
hi, my hospital is giving me 20k swords and some tier 4 cav each time 2 heal no matter what i do, i del them, send an attack and bang got 20k in hospital, this is a cool glitch but i can never heal anything other than swords... i know this has happened to me b4 and u guys have fixed it so plz fix my heros again. a friend has been using my account so i dont know what lead up to it being broken this time... last time was cause i used wrong equipment and didnt reset the troops so was over the limit. this has been happening to many with hero unit caps and changing equipment for attacks.

as u can see in this pic im healing the cav


  • Raffles (US1)Raffles (US1) Member Posts: 335
    I've had better luck reporting this kind of problem through the Feedback feature at the top right of my game screen. Forum might not be the best way to reach the technicians who are maintaining the site.
  • Illusion (AU1)Illusion (AU1) Member Posts: 16
    cool thanks will do... just playing further and now seeing a few of my heros are broken... i can just send them on a walk come back home and bang got overfilled hospital for me 2 heal without hitting 1 thing. makes getting troops back up quick and easy lol
    wow.PNG 917.8K
  • Illusion (AU1)Illusion (AU1) Member Posts: 16
    great!!! just close the server and not fix it, easy fix right???

    LOL, well done GG 
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