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no tournament



  • Iselush (RO1)Iselush (RO1) Member Posts: 2
    There is no tournament today. When will this issue be fixed?
  • Saimaidar (US1)Saimaidar (US1) Member Posts: 421
    Monday tournament usually does not reset until 2 am CST
  • ObeyMe (US1)ObeyMe (US1) Member Posts: 18
    make a linkedin.com account and then search employees who work for GoodGames studios. Then message each one about the game. Maybe the guy working on this game sleeps on the job! Go there and message the employees to wake him up! Victor Isaev or Jose Luis Perez Padron they both work for Good Games Studios so message them on linkedin.com 
  • Gill210 (US1)Gill210 (US1) Member Posts: 21
    mine reset over an hour ago Saimaidar

  • Saimaidar (US1)Saimaidar (US1) Member Posts: 421
    I have no tournament tent in High Kingdom or any other kingdom.

  • flyingpig (US1)flyingpig (US1) Member Posts: 50
    Tents are gone, all but one. 
  • TheVon1 (NL1)TheVon1 (NL1) Member Posts: 12
    now there are no tents at all
    and still no news from gg
    support is also not answering the emails
  • StrongMitch8 (US1)StrongMitch8 (US1) Member Posts: 1
    First the tournaments jammed and the special/upgrade offers disappeared. Now the Tournament, Blacksmith and Resources tents are missing. I suspect this does not bode well for the future of the game, especially since GG can't even seem to be bothered to answer complaints of their loyal – and paying – customers anymore.
  • Saimaidar (US1)Saimaidar (US1) Member Posts: 421
    Is it strange to anyone else that the one tent that remains is the invite a friend tent, I guess Good Games Studios are hoping that  we will be too busy with angry friends to complain.
  • lmfboom (US1)lmfboom (US1) Member Posts: 14
    this game has completely gone to shit. its a shame really they could have done so much with this game but they slowly fucked it up one update/fix at a time. 
  • xXENONx (DE1)xXENONx (DE1) Member Posts: 13
    There is no dragon =(
    Everything totally bugged
  • XooscH (DE1)XooscH (DE1) Member Posts: 37
    xXenonx da muss ich dir recht geben ...

    The Game is Game over !!!
  • Rand8 (US1)Rand8 (US1) Member Posts: 11
    What happened to the events? What happened to the deals? Is the game dead? How do you get some real answers?
  • Ferseijas (HIS1)Ferseijas (HIS1) Member Posts: 4
    Just goodbye  :(

  • xXENONx (DE1)xXENONx (DE1) Member Posts: 13
    Rest in Peace LoH  o:) 
  • Vanghark (HIS1)Vanghark (HIS1) Member Posts: 17
    This game is unique in its battle mode.

    RIP LoH >:)

    The Latin server King says goodbye
  • Illusion (AU1)Illusion (AU1) Member Posts: 16
    they have take all our tents and gone camping.... 
  • TudorRose (GB1)TudorRose (GB1) Member Posts: 4
    Not only tournament tent but also the Blacksmith and the Resource Dealer are gone. On the positive side, Invite a friend is still there: The game is broken, we cannot be bothered in repairing it, but please invite your friends to play it.
  • Saimaidar (US1)Saimaidar (US1) Member Posts: 421
    Yet another day where daily tasks require you to gain chivalry medal and there are no tournaments to win chivalry medals in.

    Also yet another day with no response from Good Games studio.
  • Saimaidar (US1)Saimaidar (US1) Member Posts: 421
    Thank you Legend's of Honor staff for fixing this issue!
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