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The OG- Liar Extraordinaire and Her Skeletons Escape the Closet

~America4ever~ (US1)~America4ever~ (US1) Member Posts: 15
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Many of us know Sheywin/The OG.    Not saying that's a good thing either.  How much do you really know about her?  

While many of us play the game for the excitement, having fun attacking and talking to other players, it seems the OG has taken the game to a whole new level..... A dark, seedy level full of lies, misrepresentations and hatefulness.   

Come on...  an alliance called troll  patrol?  Really?   The only troll I see is the leader of Virtus.   And why the name Virtus?   You have no virtue, nor morals, nor ethics.   At first I thought Virtus was the charity you ran.... but they actually do things for the children.   

The picture on the left is the OG.   You don't look like a 30yr old blonde, hot chick that frequents bars as you like to claim.  You look rode hard and put away wet.  Link was removed by me until further notice.  But believe when I say that, yes, she is blonde... that is true.  

Come on OG... or is it sheywin?  or is it Sheila?  Sheila P.  perhaps.  Using charity money to fund your gaming addiction?  What about the kids?   

Had a wonderful phone conversations with Alan6 and Beastley, as well as a few others.   Shall we pull some more skeletons out?  OKAY

Let's start with the funniest one of all.   SEVERAL players from First Vikings have confirmed that you, OG, stated you left Rogue Nation because Tanis was your ex-boyfriend,  LMAO..    I find this extremely funny since we already know the truth from my other post Getos, the Old Goat and a Spider.   You left Rogue Nation because Tanis's wife was a player you didn't like and tried to get booted while trying to schmooze Tanis.  lmao.   Poor Sheywin, always a bridesmaid, never a bride. 

Considering what we know about you now....  it all comes together.   You've been lying to people the entire time.  Did Robo find out what you really looked like?  Far cry from what you say you look like.   Of course personality is much better than looks.... it's a shame you don't have one of those either.  

You're an evil troll...  stealing alliances from EvilSanta...  Yes, we all remember Madness.   How many more guys have you lied to?  Poor guys never knew the truth about you...  psst.. they do now.   What about Dieudo?   Did he leave the game because he discovered you're a lying bytch and hateful person?   He was so nice too,    What's the casualty number you've run from the game based solely on your lies?   6?  10?   who knows... but I'm sure they'll be happy to know you won't be able to lie to anyone anymore.   

Poor Alan6.   He really is a nice guy.   Talked to him for about 2 hours.  You lied to him when he was in First Vikings   Said you were young, hot and liked to go to bars.   Your mistake was you gave too much information for someone that didn't want to the truth to be found.   He found you.... not his fault.  Your fault.  Leading men on like you do in chat.   You really should be ashamed.   He found out the truth about you and that's why you slammed him like you did.  Called him a stalker.   Claimed he showed up at your fundraiser, which was also a lie.   

Lets move on to Beastley,,...  with permission I post the following.   (and you said he'd never tell all)
Beastley, much like the rest of us, can't stand you and your lies any more.  He told me how you continue to harass him, attack him and won't leave him alone,  He told you he was dealing with his Great Niece who has a brain tumor at the brain stem.   Did you care?  Nope,... strange considering you run a charity for children (but we'll get to that.   My prayers are with you and your family, Beastley.   

While his one year old niece fights for her life, you continually harass Beastley of First Vikings.   You are a gutless wench,  It's all about you, isn't it?   Sorry,.. wrong again sheila.   You're not the bees knees or the cat's pajama's.  You're just a troll who harasses players while taking money meant for children to fund your gaming addiction.  

So much more to write but I'm out of time.   Stay tuned... this should be a fireworks show soon....  drama drama drama.. just like you like it OG.   You stirred the chit pot, now you get to lick the spoon.   

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  • The OG (US1)The OG (US1) Member Posts: 12
    you have got to stop this psychotic behavior america

    you want to see character

    read your own filthy messages back...you are seriously unbalanced and i pray you get yourself help


    unbelievable what you are, you try the patience of a saint...and i am but a sinner
  • The OG (US1)The OG (US1) Member Posts: 12



    and the stalking continues...someones got issues, and needs some serious help

    pray for alan6/america4ever who ever this person is, a he or a she...idk...but i pray him/her to reality with a clear sense of insight

    you blur reality and pixal game....i do hope senses return to you soon
  • The OG (US1)The OG (US1) Member Posts: 12
    and the fact i raise money for children, you abuse this charitable nature to feel better of self? and i feel for this sheila person you dreamed up in your goofiness...i pray the covering wing of protectiveness for her from your crazy behavior...GET HELP

    and in addition....bring it...cuz you are nothing but lies AMERICA/alan6/satu1...and i will not waste 1 more moment on the goofiness and drama you always create...whether you are in america account, packerman account, alan6 account,ikabod account or any 1 of your other 100 alternate accounts stolen from other players...you are same same....DRAMA, GOSSIP, and quite frankly, a bad person
  • ~America4ever~ (US1)~America4ever~ (US1) Member Posts: 15
    lol   everyone is a stalker.... Go cry to someone else who hasn't heard that same old tired tune.....    stalker.  

    You're the stalker.  You're the liar.  You're the one that continues to harass players, spewing lies.  

    Someone had to fight back.  You're nasty, evil and should NOT be using donations from a kids charity to fund your gaming.   

    And yes, if you're ducks aren't all in a row with your charity, the IRS and the law will be notified
  • The OG (US1)The OG (US1) Member Posts: 12


    and her wonderful stalking continues

    on and on she goes, when she stops no body knows...completely crazy
  • The OG (US1)The OG (US1) Member Posts: 12
    you need to leave innocent people out of this crazy person

    and you need to break game a while to get a grip on your reality

    the only one causing issues is YOU...yet you want to point at everyone else your nonsense cuz you have to feel better of self somehow, instead of respecting yourself enough to treat others with dignity and respect

    you are the abuser, you are the stalker, and you are the one unbalanced without a reality check

    get help AMERICA
  • ~America4ever~ (US1)~America4ever~ (US1) Member Posts: 15
    lol   Try a different term.  Stalking implies I like you.  I actually feel sorry for you.  You have to make up lies to satisfy your own demented pleasures no matter who you hurt. It's well documented.   Maybe I should start posting screenshots too. 

    Get help.  Get a life.  Stop making stupid castles named troll patrol  or rogue troll and every other stupid name you can think of.   This is what YOU have brought the game to.   Nobody else but YOU   

    Grow up and act your age  Stop acting like you're in high school.....  we're all adults here, act like one please.
  • The OG (US1)The OG (US1) Member Posts: 12
    blah blah blah blah blah

    noise and nonsense of the self righteous hypocritical america4ever who thinks self better than

    i did put americadagossip on YOU...as what you ARE !!!  a complete gossip spreading nothing but lies and hate...

    you need to help yourself first america, before you try to help another....YOU have much to work on...i see it, and YOUR OWN PEOPLE see it

    why dont you air BP's dirty laundry again? GOSSIP AMERICA

    ohh, how about PLAYBELLS again AMERICA

    you are such a gossip you have no idea what a true mess you are...and right now, i have lost my patience with your constant NONSENSE...

    this is me at my worst...but you, you have not even begun to show all what a true mess you are
  • The OG (US1)The OG (US1) Member Posts: 12
    and stalking IMPLIES you are completely crazy with no sense of self control and nothing matters but your wants and desires...that is what stalking means, and is a complete description of you and your craziness...i have dealt with for MONTHS....and the filthy messages on my private parts and despicable nonsense of x diseases...THIS IS YOU

    i do not approach you...
    BUT since you want a forum to display what a  horrible despicable person you are to drive a 14 year old boy from game your constant nonsense who's mommy was dying from bos...this is YOU, and YOU make no attempt at change...just try to drag others in the mud you live in...MONTHS...i have had to endure you....your nonsense, your stalking...I AM DONE WITH YOU AMERICA....and is me who does not like and respect you...YOU make poor choices in how you direct your life AND you continue on to snow ball it into such a mess, you feel good of you now? this make you happy AMERICA? the answer is NO...cuz you are sooooo obsessive in your behaviors, YOU WILL NEVER BE HAPPY

    this is what you bring to light...this ugliness...you do no good, only create drama and hate

    this is AMERICA4EVER, on display for all to see
  • ~America4ever~ (US1)~America4ever~ (US1) Member Posts: 15

    You really are mental.   I cannot believe how brazen you are to come out here and try to play victim when you've been lying to people in the game for years....  

    Start with the truth, sheila.   TRUTH.... it will set you free.  

    This smoke screening showing irrelevant screenshots doesn't cover up the fact that you have been lying to everyone.    And the minute you used my name in one of your lies.... that's where I draw the line and I go for the jugular.   


    IF not, this will continue until you quit.   I will not go silently into the night allowing you to spew your venom using my name......   you picked the wrong bytch to do that to..... So put your psycho babble bull crap somewhere else and keep it out of the game.  

    Troll patrol... at least they're patrolling the right hive... virtus hive.   Aside from the OG, I have nothing bad to say about anyone else in Virtus but I do have one question for you all......   why?  Even Gibborim didn't want her back.   
  • The OG (US1)The OG (US1) Member Posts: 12


    i want you all to see the CONSTANT harassment of this psychotic person, cuz i have had ENOUGH

    never stops messaging, always and constant the cursing, name calling and filthy messages...I DO NOT CONTACT HER, I DO NOT SPEAK OF HER, I DO NOT LIKE HER, SAM I AM

    and who is trying to find out the real life identity of another...THIS PSYCHO...and NEVER stops...i do not know sheila, i do not know big lake, nor do i EVER treat another as this psychotic, deranged, stalking person does...good gravey, give it up AMERICA...you are delusional...and YOU LIE ALWAYS...NOTHING BUT GOSSIP, LIES AND HATE makes up the picture of AMERICA, easily seen, i am embarrassed on how you CHOOSE to behave, that troll castle on you is EXACTLY right...

    i have deleted 12 other messages this non stop harasser/stalker, and i will continue to delete...but i am sick and tired of the cyber bullying of AMERICA4EVER...she is seriously deranged and has NO grip on reality
  • ~America4ever~ (US1)~America4ever~ (US1) Member Posts: 15

    But thank you for confirming.   Wasn't sure we had the right person.  
  • The OG (US1)The OG (US1) Member Posts: 12

    more despicable rogue display

    this is the character of those that support AMERICA
  • ~America4ever~ (US1)~America4ever~ (US1) Member Posts: 15
    For the love all that is holy in the world, do you ever just shut the fk up?    Seriously....  SHUT UP.  

    You are not showing anyone anything they don't already know about me.   lol.   Everyone already knows I can be a mean bytch that would embarrass a sailor.   So, please already, just shut the fk up.

    This is about YOU..... YOU YOU YOU. 

    For some reason, you can't bring yourself to tell the truth about anything.   No matter how much you try to deflect, it still doesn't answer my question...  why lie?  How do you even keep up with all the lies?  Omg, I'm having a hard time keeping track of your lies.   

    Since you want to bring character into this....   what if I was to show everyone how rotten you are to others in a game.   To people who have done nothing wrong.....  hmmmmmm.....   

    I post all of this because you falsely used my name to spread your hate filled drama into my camp.....  you have a lot of nerve... and what?  am I supposed to just sit back and take that bs from you?  NO, I DON'T.  

    I suggest you take your broomstick and fly away to some other place far, far away because I'm not leaving here.   And if you think for one minute that anyone else is going to stand by and take your drama bs, you better think again.   You say nobody likes me.... well, they like me better than they like you, that's for sure.   And at least I'm not out there lying to everyone about who I am or what I look like just get a little attention from cyberspace.  I am who I am, I call it like I see and I have nothing to hide.... so stick that up your broom riding arse and float away.
  • ~America4ever~ (US1)~America4ever~ (US1) Member Posts: 15
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    Hey, the OG.....  did you write this?   Let me jog your memory... 

    this is posted elsewhere in the forum.   isn't this why you lost the sheywin account, harassing Nightshade of the former wolfknights?   

    Hello pot... this is kettle...  YOU'RE BLACK TOO

  • ~America4ever~ (US1)~America4ever~ (US1) Member Posts: 15
  • ~America4ever~ (US1)~America4ever~ (US1) Member Posts: 15
    edited 04.08.2017
    Rock on, you short bus riding, window licking freak.....  You go with your bad ass self... the Truth shall set you free and make all this stop. 

  • ~America4ever~ (US1)~America4ever~ (US1) Member Posts: 15
  • ~America4ever~ (US1)~America4ever~ (US1) Member Posts: 15
    Still waiting for an apology from the Queen of Denial.  

    Come OG...  you can do it.

    It's just three words...    you can do it.
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