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  • Same problem for me. Have not gotten past the "Loading game assets" for 8 hours now. I have several thousand tier 6 troops that will starve soon. Something needs to be done ASAP, or there will be hundreds of very unhappy players! At least 6 of our a…
  • What happened to the events? What happened to the deals? Is the game dead? How do you get some real answers?
  • This game needs to put a stop to players flying around in their castles several times a day to attack whomever they want. There were no flying castles in the time period that this game supposedly takes place. Armies marched or rode their animals. Th…
  • Legends of Honor? Where is the honor in attacking an empty castle that has no troops defending it? Players who do that should actually lose honor. And where is the honor in repeatedly attacking the same player 3 or 4 or 5 times in the space of a few…
  • I have been trying to move my castles in both High Kingdom and Ice Mountain with no success. I have tried every single tile in a 20 by 20 block, and cannot move to any space. These spaces are not further than 20 spaces from where I am now, and they …
  • Is someone going to replace the wasted gems I used trying to move my castle? Over 30000. Please help?!?
  • Tried to use email support on this issue and that bombed too. This is becoming really frustrating. I have wasted over 30000 gems trying to move my castle, and it only moved a few spaces. Help?!? email: [email protected]
  • I cannot move my castle. I have tried all sorts of different tiles - close, far. It always says I cannot move there and gives the same list of possible reasons. I'm a level 21 player. What is the problem? Also, I cannot go to the World Map in the Ic…