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Matrix (US1)Matrix (US1) Member Posts: 10
edited 20.09.2015 in Alliance News
I am here to help other alliance maybe make allies but for now I am mainly looking for alliance members that play a lot and like this game. I have figured out a lot of tactic and climbed from 150 to 12 overall and 3rd in my race in less than 14 hours. for a good future alliance! Join us now so I can reserve your seat at our round table! Thank you, Matrix.


  • Matrix (US1)Matrix (US1) Member Posts: 10
    leveling hero is a must and I thought it would be cool if all alliance members would name one hero a crusader, confuse the enemy...  please tell me what you think .... crusader x. crusader1, crusader44, crusader22, crusader 01 just a few for example, all doesn't have to be the same. need some experienced players to join me I only have a few, trying to help some members grow stronger, kicked a bunch inactive too so send me message and ill get back with you. thank you, Matrix.
  • SunChaser (US1)SunChaser (US1) Member Posts: 41
    The see your hero by your name not the hero's name now ;)

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