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Latest updates. University: good, bad, waste?

RoyalAssassin (US1)RoyalAssassin (US1) Member Posts: 6
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Hello creators. I like the university, I do. But why do we need a telescope to research how to produce wood or stone? Why need to build technology when we are fighting a war? And shouldn't it teach our troops how to use battle tactics like hiding in trees or camouflage in the environment more than finding better axes and pickaxes to give us a big ol wopping 2 more resources when manually harvesting wood and stone near your castle?  I think it needs a new look to it also. Should look something like the hospital and the woodcutters shack. 

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  • Jillian (NL1)Jillian (NL1) Member Posts: 224
    the reason there's nothing military related is because theres only the ECONOMIC tree so far.
  • fuggett (US1)fuggett (US1) Member Posts: 37
    lol, they should have just used the tower like they have in empire, but then u would be able to share resources, support all alliance members, build and move supplies...much to complicated for the guys they got putting this game together.
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