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the tails of nirain the falcan

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this is a rolplaing game


  • jesusislord (US1)jesusislord (US1) Member Posts: 32
    And this is where I tell of my adventures in loh 
  • jesusislord (US1)jesusislord (US1) Member Posts: 32
    I am stand fast the wolf sorry changed what I was I am the friend of fenrir and have stood by him many times we are on a mission to find the spear of truth
  • jesusislord (US1)jesusislord (US1) Member Posts: 32
    i have been chased by my foes and am running from these lions
  • jesusislord (US1)jesusislord (US1) Member Posts: 32
    there are no words such as safe or secure for where on this map is there such thing if there is one tell me for my enemy stiil chase
    Fear not for you dwell at the well of Poison Tears and sorrow cannot haunt you forever there . Time has a way of changing many things . just look around you at the realm and all the changes that have come to pass in your absence . :D
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