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Time for Some Brutal Honesty



  • Rambo4 (US1)Rambo4 (US1) Member Posts: 225
    Also if you could fix the invisibility bug when someone walks 1 tile out from their castle, the hero will just go invisible for a while. Annoying
  • beasty (US1)beasty (US1) Member Posts: 49
    Beside the on going black screen that never gets resolved, today I transferred long swords from high to ice, no problem, sent  the 2nd batch from high to dark, poof, they were gone when the transfer time expired to move them. made a report to support, but as always, no response from them, support is useless as they always have been as long as  I have played this game
  • Saimaidar (US1)Saimaidar (US1) Member Posts: 421
    Okay been hit by TrojanTom five times today in High Kingdom burned four of those times.

    He moved his castle next to me and attacks me every time shield of peace expires,

    Why is this behavior honorable or allowed?

    Been hit by him several times in ice burned every time there as well.

    I am sorry but how is this fun for me and why should I want to play this game?
  • KingArthyr (US1)KingArthyr (US1) Member Posts: 18
    I didn't see anything in the patch notes that address any of the main issues discussed.

    By the way, I don't see why the devs seem to think it's so difficult to fix the low levels attacking higher levels, Here is a very simple system to fix it, easily added, as the code is already there pretty much.

    100% honor - Attack vs someone within 5 levels of yourself in either direction
    50% honor   - Attack someone from 6-10 levels of your level in either direction
    -200% honor if you attack someone 11+ levels difference from your level in either direction


    100% honor if the attacker is within 10 levels of yours in either direction  (You're the one being attacked, why should you be penalized?)
    50% honor if the attacker is more than 11 levels of yours in either direction AND you may retaliate for a period 12 hrs or 1 battle, whichever happens first, without loss of honor.

    Simple and easily added.  Note: When stated 100%, etc it is 100% of the honor points you'd earn due to whatever formula they put in place to calculate honor points from PVP battles.


    There is another glaring issue that needs to be addressed.  Fleeing in battle, and porting in troops.  If you flee your castle in the midst of battle, either you should lose a lot of honor for your cowardly behavior, or the battle should be immediately over, the castle burned if what's left of the defenders aren't enough to repel the attacker.  In a real battle, if the enemy retreats, the attacker will typically chase them down, ceasing a castle siege, or leaving in place a smaller force.  I know this is a game, but can we use some common sense?

    Regarding the porting of troops, as it only costs like 240 gems to port troops in to annihilate your attacker it's pretty much a dishonorable move.  It should not be allowed, as the attacker is unable to do it otherwise it is unbalanced.  A better system is as follows: 

    Start of battle - 30 seconds in assault, 1 min in destruction, defender and attacker can receive assistance.  After 30 seconds for assault and 1 min for destruction, the battles are locked down.  The fight commences.  Defender has the option to flee with an immediate loss of honor equal to what the attacker would have won if the person had not fled.  1/2 of that amount is given to the attacker.  So if the attacker should have gotten 50K honor, as example, the one who fled loses 50K honor for his/her cowardly retreat, and the attacker gains 25K honor instead of 0. In any case, porting should not be allowed while in battle.
  • Befuzzled Baker (US1)Befuzzled Baker (US1) Member Posts: 3
    edited 21.06.2016
    Ok, there a re a couple of small changes that I think will make a huge difference to the game...

    World Chat for each server with subcategories for each Faction, so you have the option to chat to everyone on the server, or just Lions or just Dragons, etc...
    Increasing the social aspect of the game would go a long way to making it more fun

    The ability to send Bulk Mail to all members of your alliance.
    I cannot count the amount of times where something would have been made so much easier if there was an option to type out a message once and send it to the in box of every member...

    Fix whatever it is that makes the game keep telling me I have LoH open in multiple tabs when I do not.
    The constant forced refreshing because of this is a bone of contention to many players.

    If any of these things have been suggested before, it just shows they are things that players want :)

    Oh, and as an afterthought, maybe introduce the ability for a player to change their name in game.
    Maybe put a modest gem price on it or something, but I know of a few players that have been bullied or singled out that would give a kings ransom in silver to be able to do this...
  • CM PopeyeCM Popeye Community Manager Posts: 1,308
    @Befuzzled Baker (US1)There will most likely not be global chat at any point, but mass messaging within Alliances will be introduced very soon. The refresh issue is getting closer to being solved as the team continues to work on overall performance. Name changes could be a possibility in the future, I will ask about it when I meet the team.

  • CM PopeyeCM Popeye Community Manager Posts: 1,308
    @KingArthyr (US1)Thanks for the cool breakdown, and your honest feedback. No changes have been made yet, as no final decisions have been made in regards to the major issues found in this discussion. Some of the issues in here are part of the core of the game, and should the team decide to make any fundamental changes they want to be absolutely sure.

  • In response to @KingArthyr (US1) comment on porting troops in/out or fleeing during a castle battle, the bit about fleeing is obviously well thought through and an easy and effective solution.
    There may be an easier way to solve the porting issue though.  Simply add a few lines of code to the game that suspend all abilities to port troops in either direction during the battle itself...
    Just an idea, mate... 
  • Rambo4 (US1)Rambo4 (US1) Member Posts: 225
    edited 22.06.2016
    In actual feedback, you guys need to get bugs fixed faster, since there are new ones after pretty much every update, while the old ones are still around. That and usually when it's "fixed" it isn't fixed at all, I even have the building upgrade glitch right now, that was supposedly fixed weeks ago. It's not fun having level 0 barracks for 2-3 days, the glitch seems to happen only sometimes, as it only happened in 1 of the 2 cities I upgraded my barracks in. I don't even want to attempt to upgrade my storehouse in case it gets glitched too.

    Edit: Oh great look at that after the maintenance a few minutes ago now all 3 of my barracks are broken, and the unannounced maintenance completely blocked me from reinforcing my teammate that got hit, which wouldn't of even happened if the game didn't glitch out and force refresh when I was about to catch every hero before they hit him. Oh great, look at that hours worth of food gone in the 20 minute maintenance just like magic the food vanishes and so do the troops.
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  • john2013 (US1)john2013 (US1) Member Posts: 22
    why did the new update make battles last 21min long. that is insane. it was good as it was. this is just insane.
  • Valminder (US1)Valminder (US1) Member Posts: 20
    This game is TOO long !!! And you made it longer by making the castle fights even longer .... that's so boring. I don't have the time to wait in front of my computer like this. It was already too long, now it's horrible.

    You need to fix it or you'll lose it.

    Other things:

    1- Burn Shield - should last 12 hours after you come back online OR as soon as one of your hero attacks an enemy after you come back online.

    2- Vacation/Holiday mode: 3 days, 5 days, 7 days, 9 days, 16 days, 23 days, 30 day, 37 days .... where ALL your castles are offline. Nothing happens in your castles, no production, no healing, no honor/fear loss, no loss of any kind.

    3- Easy rebuilding after a burn: Add a "rebuild all" button. We click, go do something else and we come back to play the game ... this should not last longer than the "12 hours" shield in #1 above.

    4- Faster healing / recruiting time. (for #6 below)

    5- Faster heros walking (for #6 below).

    6- A way to play 1-2 hours a day to gain an advantage... NOT 10-15 hours a day (that's insane) !!!

    7- Honor / Fear daily loss : A loss of 1% day one ... +1% each offling day after this (unless "vacation" option as in point #2 above).

    8- Faster building times. Building times are much too long at higher levels.

    9- Honor gain: As stated above in another post, a better honor system for fights between low and high levels ...the 100% / 50% ... etc ... and a possible retaliation would be amazing. 

    OR maybe something like this:

    If your attacking with a force +/- 20% of the defender's strength : 100% Honor. 
    -5 % honor per 5% of difference between the attacking and defending force, minimum 50% honor.
    And -2% honor per difference of level.
    -25% if you attacked him already within 24 hours.

  • Saimaidar (US1)Saimaidar (US1) Member Posts: 421
    Any chance the rewards for recruiting troops can scale to where the higher level you are the more troops you have to recruit before you get a reward and maybe instead of 100 troops it goes up to 250 troops for three times as many troops recruited.

    Lowering the xp reward for recruiting troops at higher level.

    Or perhaps a maximum time you get this reward.

    As it is I currently recruit upwards of 5000 to 10000 macemen  a day in individual kingdoms.
  • Rambo4 (US1)Rambo4 (US1) Member Posts: 225
    edited 25.06.2016
    @Valminder (US1)
    You may want to clarify "gain an advantage" since, obviously if you play 1-2 hours a day and someone plays for over 2 hours, they will have an advantage over you anyways.

    Also, popeye the issues with the game literally kicking you out all the time :neutral: please fix this one. Also, porting doesn't work all the time.
  • BLACK WIDOW7 (US1)BLACK WIDOW7 (US1) Member Posts: 46
    Okay been hit by TrojanTom five times today in High Kingdom burned four of those times.

    He moved his castle next to me and attacks me every time shield of peace expires,

    Why is this behavior honorable or allowed?

    Been hit by him several times in ice burned every time there as well.

    I am sorry but how is this fun for me and why should I want to play this game?
     I know what  you mean my alliance & I have been attacked nonstop in both kingdoms by what....  I will call them the Crazies lol its part of their alliance name anyways.I have  gotten  threatening messages  from these guys telling me to LEAVE MY ALLIANCE & JOIN THEM as if I would  over  & over idk why. One has a fascination with Black Widow hahaha  he   even said so saying we will give u anything  you have 5 minutes to join or you will be come a FARM....seriously whats up with these people now with these new changes I might as well just give up & quit, You have made it impossible  for people to enjoy the game now and want to continue playing!!!!!!!!!    My alliance  &  I have joined with the other factions in the non buying of gems protest also
  • Rambo4 (US1)Rambo4 (US1) Member Posts: 225
    edited 28.06.2016
    Wow, support is horrible sent in a ticket about porting glitches a few days ago, even provided a small clip showing proof I had every requirement met to port and nothing was blocking me, yet the guy ignores that and tells me the checklist, which I told him I had specifically checked all those things and showed they were met. Amazing support, I know you guys care less about all the bugs and stuff, but at least have the dignity to tell us you don't care, rather then give some bs response like that. I've played the game a while and clearly from the response I know a lot more then the customer support, I mean what's this talk of an outpost? IS he drunk or something? outposts don't exist in this game.
  • Lord Adrian (US1)Lord Adrian (US1) Member Posts: 7
    Game is ruined with the new recruit and heal times. how are peopel supposed to gather resources then attack when it takes several hours to heal or recruit
  • CatBooklady (US1)CatBooklady (US1) Member Posts: 75
    edited 29.06.2016
    @Lord Adrian
    Popeye said in another thread that we players can heal our troops instantly with gems. LOL that guy is honest at times. He and GG wants us to buy gems. Me? Not a bloody cent will GG get from me nor other players I've heard from. And LoH will be a distant memory for us active players who really loved the game until these really stupid changes came into effect.
    I couldn't get onto the game for 2 days because my internet was down and most of my troops starved - so with these new recruitment times, my castle will vulnerable for a few days. Oh wait.. I had troops in the hospital - only 8 hours to heal! :-/ 
    And no Popeye, won't buy your bloody gems to heal them instantly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  • Cerjio (US1)Cerjio (US1) Member Posts: 46
    @CatBooklady (US1) Totally agree with ya.  I will and never will buy gems.  Only gems I have is from npcs.  Even then, I pick and choose on what I spend with them, like upgrading hospitals, etc.
  • Thor odinson (US1)Thor odinson (US1) Member Posts: 10
    Aside from the whole turning the healing/recruiting and combat times back to normal, I only have one thing to knock the game on, and thats when Im searching for a target  I sometimes go too far out of range on the map and I won't even realize it. I think I found a good castle to loot then I see that its too far out of reach, then I find out that I am waaaaay out of reach, so I have to basically keep a close eye on that. A indicating line would solve this problem, and it would be much appreciated.

    Aside from all of that, I like the game. The developers just really need to fix the times, and turn them back to normal.
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