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Find Alliance?

My Alliance is looking for diplomacy. How do we locate another alliance?


  • Raffles (US1)Raffles (US1) Member Posts: 335

    I do not understand the question. When you say you are looking for diplomacy, do you mean you want to contact another alliance and ask them for peace, or for cooperation? Or are you referring to the new diplomacy tab that is used for declared war?

    And by "locate another alliance", are you wanting to find them on the game map, or just find how to reach their leadership?

  • Teighernach (US1)Teighernach (US1) Member Posts: 32
    Sorry I wasn't clear. My bad. I wanted to find the other alliance so we could cooperate. I did figure out how to find them. Thanks so much.
  • CM PopeyeCM Popeye Community Manager Posts: 1,308
    Glad it all worked out, and good luck on your new found collaboration!

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