The French

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Hi guys...

We are an ally founded by guys exiled from french sever, because there, for us, the flows is bad...And also, it's more and more empty..and it was deserted by the best players (lol, they come here)

Well, we are  here since one month ago, and we like it...

Now, we look for active players, if you speak a little bit french, it's better for u, but we have already few american with us (and spanish , canadian too)..and plenty of us speak a correct english (haha..this is a joke)...well, but we We have a common language that of the honor and the fight

Then, If you wish to be under the yoke of pretty french gal (me).that you like chat in mutilangage and that you are ready has to defend your friends, join us !!

BABSELDIABLO, chief of The French. (i can't change my french pseudo, i don't knows why))

Ps:sr for my english  ;)

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