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michael terrell

mickt (US1)mickt (US1) Member Posts: 5
How come when I defeat players castles. I get no honor, just resources. I have battled 7 or 8 different castles and have recieved no honor. My lvl and higher. What's up with that ?


  • CM PopeyeCM Popeye Community Manager Posts: 1,308
    I would have to see the battle reports in order to know what happened here. Were there troops in the castles? The level of the castle does not matter if there are no defenders.

  • Shafaet (US1)Shafaet (US1) Member Posts: 49
    The more troops there are in the Battle, the higher would the honor be, so for example if you attack someone with a hero of 500k AP and the defender only has 40k AP, then you'd nearly get little to no honor from you're attack, and their Honor level matters too, the higher it is, the more Honor you'd get from attacking that player.
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