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Discussion: Update 11.08.2016

CM PopeyeCM Popeye Community Manager Posts: 1,308
Heroes! Feel fee to leave any questions or comments you might have about our latest update in here.



  • poirier680 (US1)poirier680 (US1) Member Posts: 17
    when will this update happen
  • Sir Trog (US1)Sir Trog (US1) Member Posts: 11
    can you at least fix the last updates first before throwing us another update. Still having problems with injured troops not going into the hospital when returning from battle or hitting marauders. They only show up after you refresh the page. With that saying if you don't refresh after every return you lose troops because you don't know if your hospital is full or not and don't say upgrade your hospital because mine is upgraded to support 1,200 injured troops and i still lose troops when in a long battle because of this glitch. PLEASE fix it or start giving us our troops back for free. We should not have to refresh after every return to castle.
  • Shafaet (US1)Shafaet (US1) Member Posts: 49
    Excellent, I've got no problems with this update since now lower level players don't have to worry about pushing their honor/fear levels further ahead just to unlock the tier 2/3 troops, of course, keeping tier 4 troops as Honor Only was a good idea too since there worthiness should be limited to only few players as it has been, I also like this idea of being able to buy premium buildings with resources since now it'll encourage the players to get them and soon they might even change their opinions about it and start upgrading those buildings.
    Just please remind your bug investigation team to test this update out at least on 20-50 different computers on a beta server so that the chances of having bugs are reduced.
  • King Doggy (AU1)King Doggy (AU1) Member Posts: 19
    PLZ FIX 
  • King Doggy (AU1)King Doggy (AU1) Member Posts: 19
    it doesn't happen to me but my alliance members are annoyed

  • Rambo4 (US1)Rambo4 (US1) Member Posts: 225
    Hardly any reason for people to strive to get tier 4 troops, I mean I've had them unlocked for so long but they take so much longer to recruit/heal that it's not really worth it anyways.
  • Saimaidar (US1)Saimaidar (US1) Member Posts: 421
    I am guessing that they expect those that  have unlocked tier four troops have also bought enough gems to upgrade their training grounds substantially which I suspect i closer to level 20 that level 5 or ten.
  • Shafaet (US1)Shafaet (US1) Member Posts: 49
    @Saimaidar (US1)

    Hmm, but the training ground still won't be making a massive difference in the troop recruitment/healing period since it can just go up to about doubling the recruitment speed.
  • Saimaidar (US1)Saimaidar (US1) Member Posts: 421
    Shafaet (US1) said:
    @Saimaidar (US1)

    Hmm, but the training ground still won't be making a massive difference in the troop recruitment/healing period since it can just go up to about doubling the recruitment speed.
    Well it goes up to plus 195% which is almost three times as much.  Now you can also add to that recruitment speed research and happiness bonus as well as the fear speed increase to troop production time. but yes it is a lot of work to get tier four troops out in any kind of reasonable time.
  • RubyZ (US1)RubyZ (US1) Member Posts: 3
    Still having massive hospital issues.  I don't know how many troops are lost because the wounded count doesn't update correctly!!!  THIS NEEDS 100% ATTENTION ON A FIX.
  • Oddie (US1)Oddie (US1) Member Posts: 29
    edited 14.08.2016
      Hi these updates are great except IS THERE ANYONE FIXING THE BUGS OR LAG TIME?
     How about the black screen , freezes or constant sever connection lost?
    Or  when my stores are full and   it says i don t have enough resources for building or research?
     What about the dead spaces in between castles than we can not moved to?

    Ever since you started introducing new updates  2 months ago, the game connection . lag time , and  freezes have been getting worse. 

    yes i have  cleared my cache, update my browser,even tried different browser, ate the cookies, stood on my head and wore  a garlic necklace, and  i am  still having MAJOR BUGS. maybe i should try some insect repellent. 

    I know  your  debugging team is on it,  or maybe you should hire more help? Sure looks like they should have plenty to do.

    And writing to your support team is always the same  answer or    i get  can not  create a ticket response.

    Mr Popeye please help me and the rest of us with these problems.

  • CM PopeyeCM Popeye Community Manager Posts: 1,308
    The update should be going live today.

    @RubyZ (US1) The team is currently looking into the hospital issues that you guys have been reporting. We have not been able to reproduce yet, but will continue to work at it.

    @Oddie (US1) The team continues to work on the bugs, but some of them are quite tricky to fix as we can not always reproduce them here. Until we can make it happen on our servers, we can't figure out a possible solution.

  • CatBooklady (US1)CatBooklady (US1) Member Posts: 75
    @CM Popeye
    We need the Hospital fix ASAP. Constantly refreshing to make troops appear is annoying especially when 3 or 4 castles need defending. Before I can reload hero, I must refresh. I didn't do that and again last night I lost over 2K Swordsmen  :'(
    Who cares about the Dragon Hunting at the moment when we players totally depend on our hospitals? And "clearing the cache and cookies" doesn't  work. Been doing that since the Update. PLEASE, PLEASE, tell the Developers to STOP, TAKE A BREATH and FIX WHAT'S BROKEN BEFORE ADDING NEW CONTENT THAT WILL SCREW UP SOMETHING ELSE FIRST!!!!!!! I'm begging you, sir. 
  • Kreygor (US1)Kreygor (US1) Member Posts: 12
    Now you can't assign XP to your heros. The scrolling hero window continually refreshes so you can only assign the XP to the default hero.
  • flyingpig (US1)flyingpig (US1) Member Posts: 50
    Today's Bugs

    Where did all the villains go.  The villains in DM seem to have been run out of the relm.  Other relms appear a little thin as well. 

    My Tents are gone.  I only have tents in front of my castle in HK.  DM and ICE have no tents.

    Hero XP awards.  Cannot assign hero XP, scrolling and selecting not working.

    Todays fixes:  the amount of honor I will receive in the battle window now showing.  Thanks. 
    Update:  remote attack.  Working.  very nice.  Will probably result in lots of half eaten villains which will probably cause a plague or something.  Thanks it is a nice feature.
  • FrostQueen (US1)FrostQueen (US1) Member Posts: 58
    ALSO - EVERY TIME you change realms the tents dissapear. Great job at making sure the update was going to be bug free.
  • 1 Old Hag (US1)1 Old Hag (US1) Member Posts: 5
    Still hospital not fixed,  now it is happening to more than 1 account.  When is this going to be fixed.  I am loosing honor and troops because not being able to play the game. 
  • Hospital needs to be fixed NOW!!!!!   2 weeks now of having to refresh after every single hero comes into the hospital is becoming more frustrating than you all know.  Lost over 3 mil in troops.  I am not playing until it is fixed so loosing that much honor per day is really pissing me off too. You guys keep adding new shit and don't fix the issues you have.  No wonder everyone is quitting.  I am almost there too.  But real people don't matter to these guys.  If they don't make their millions in money maybe they will fix the game.
  • FrostQueen (US1)FrostQueen (US1) Member Posts: 58
    Huh - seems that Popeye's forgot or something -

    CM Popeye said:
    We have now reproduced this issue, and are working to get it fixed asap. I will let you know when I have more info.

    Because he said in another thread a week or so ago that they DID reproduce the issue.
    2nd time that I've posted this but the first time I posted other things and got centured.

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