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Update: 11.08.2016 - Attack from Afar and Balancing Changes. Also..... Dragons....

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This week's update introduces Attack / Support From Afar, and some important Balancing updates. Keep reading to find out more!

User Interface / Gameplay

  • Attack / Support From Afar
    • You can now set up an Attack / Support before sending your Hero out.

    • You will see the Attack / Support Planning screen when clicking on your enemy (PvP & PvE), and can then choose to automatically begin the battle when they arrive.

    • This will save the extra clicks that were previously needed to begin battles!
    • For even less micro-management, we have also added a box you can check to make your Hero automatically return to your castle once the battle is over.
  • Honor Amount Displayed
    • The amount of Honor a player has will now be displayed along with the other information shown when hovering over a castle.

    • This will make finding suitable opponents even easier!
  • New Art for Hall of Heroes
    • The Hall of Heroes will be getting some new artwork to make it look better suited to the brave warriors inside!


  • All Premium Buildings Built With Resources
    • In order for every player to get a chance to see the effectiveness of Premium Buildings, the first level for all of them can now be built for Resources

  • Unlock Unit Tiers by Barracks Level
    • You will now be able to unlock Unit Tiers based on your Barracks level!

    • Tier 2 Units will be available at level 5, and Tier 3 at level 9.
    • Unlocking Units based on Honor / Fear level will now be removed except for units Tier 4.
  • More Coins Will be Safe!
    • The amount of Coins that will be safe from looting in the Treasury will now be higher! 

    • This will help you get back in the fight sooner!


Further Work on Improving Overall Performance 

  • The Legends of Honor team continues to work on optimizations on both the server and client sides in order to improve the overall performance of the game.

Feel free to leave any feedback you might have in THIS DISCUSSION.


Your LoH Team
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