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Alliance storage and it's benefits

T Gautham (INT1)T Gautham (INT1) Member Posts: 53
What does alliance storage do..?as a deputy or a leader,how can anyone potentially use them ???


  • CatBooklady (US1)CatBooklady (US1) Member Posts: 75
    edited 23.08.2016
    The Alliance Storage allows members to donate excess resources - i.e. from marauders/raiders/warriors - when your own resource storage is full. If you click on the green flag and pull up menu, scroll right and you'll see "Research" tab.  Leaders and Deputies, but not Diplomats can start any Alliance research. There is Alliance Defense/Attack Points and many other useful things to research for your alliance.
    Example: through alliance (as well as my own research), my T3 Infantry Defense is way above what the Swordsman says his defense is. (And as a side note: level up your troops as often as you can.)
    Use the Alliance Research. It does help.  
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