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Won't let me take advantage of Special Bonus Offers

Anyone else with this problem?  For "Special Bonus Offers" I'm unable to move the gem slide control near the bottom of pop-up to indicate how many gems I want to buy.  Happens on all offers, but especially frustrating on 300%+ offers.  I've submitted two problem tickets 2 weeks ago....no response at all other than auto reply with ticket number.  Tried to follow up and more silence.   I've cleared cache, refreshed, rebooted and even tried other browsers (same problem on Chrome, Edge and Firefox).  Seem strange that bug preventing me from paying for gems is ignored ....these days it seems only reason for game to exist is to milk max money for gems.  Can anyone help?    


  • kapn_jack (US1)kapn_jack (US1) Member Posts: 62
    ....havin a prob buyin gems? ..this will b GGs #1 priority fix for sure
  • Saimaidar (US1)Saimaidar (US1) Member Posts: 421
    I always thought you just clicked on the offer and selected the amount of gems you wanted to purchase when the store link came up I have never tried using the slide button.
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