Hello, our alliance ANGEL OF DEATH (aka AOD) is a growing alliance.We all are growing and just about filled up. We need a few more good active players. We know u cant be on 24/7 but at least daily if possible or every other day. if there's a time u cant be on for a long periods of time, please let us know. Below are some basic rules we follow:

1)Check our no-hits and allies list at least once a week in case of updates.
2)If you have the troops, help support/attack if you can.
3)ALWAYS be respectful to all members. We all come here to have fun and should not have to deal with our own members Disrespecting each other, leave that for the enemies lol
4)COMMUNICATION and PARTICIPATION is a MUST. Dont want ppl to be on with no communication and just sitting there like a bump on the log especially if we r being attacked lol.
5)ALWAYS play honorable. dont honor dump unless we are at war and we need to support etc (yes u can lose honor by supporting in certain situations lol).
6)If we are at WAR, concentrate on the WAR at hand and not try to start another WAR elsewhere lol.

***We all joke and have fun in alliance chat but we still concentrate and get serious when its time for supporting and attacking etc. this is a game n u have to have fun :). We are looking for members so we can unite and get even stronger and help defend against bullies who takes pride in hurting younger alliances. AOD is of 2 small alliances that merged into one and our bond is growing strong :).We would love anyone to be part of a great team :). TY for your time and consideration!!!

Your Friend;
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