searching new members

blue dragons and the new hive i start need new members old virtus  members preferred :smile: we need to farm the first months massive to get our upgrades done  in alliance upgrades :smiley: we will be the 3 force we will not  have nothing to do with   crusaders crusaders2 champions  fear fear2  kiev rus  STOP  aslan or any other former cf hive or rogue alliance   as fury sd endeavor gibborim phalanx   and there 2 or 3 hives  :sweat: we need to build from the beginning  :who is interested can send mail to soumya2 or marcelmannes deputy off bluedragons  ::: have fun  is our first goal : fighting we do that later :: i missed that part the last months the  fun part :: thats why we are in the game for the fun and to help eachother;;; and we will work for our hive it will be difficult the first months but i believe we can manage it ;;; MYA 
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