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honor the name of the game

hi so it seems since the changes i have 3 other players that give me honor even ones high levels than me.there is another 3 i can hit but there my allies.so for rewards we have to make so many millions which is imposible for me.im a long term player and on for hours each day.but now yous have made this pointless for me im king on honor but only 7 mill odds thats how bad this server is now as dying. so can you tell me how i make honor please as im lucky if the castles that give me honor have not been hit already.and i will not waste 2million men again for 7k honor when the other player was 4 levels higher than me and same amount of men or do you want more to quit playing.i find this to be a major flaw on your part for the longer term players and must be sorted or there is no choice but for more to quit iv messaged all high level players and they say the same as me.i mean the name of the game is legends of honor shouldnt be when none can make honor in a day should it?


  • Getos (US1)Getos (US1) Member Posts: 95
    @redboys1 (GB1) Hey bro we missed u ;)
  • redboys1 (GB1)redboys1 (GB1) Member Posts: 14
    haha mate il be back soon if they ever sort this out as i cant see nothing on all maps bar my own castles no marauders nothing. hope yous guys are all ok over there 
  • redboys1 (GB1)redboys1 (GB1) Member Posts: 14
    but i can see on all my other accounts apart from my main account i have no clue lmfao  not lol
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