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Steel Dragons Reached one Billion

Getos (US1)Getos (US1) Member Posts: 95
Thanks for all the friends who helped in getting this top score. Also for the enemies who helped us a lot . We are currently celebrating being the first alliance since the game started to be 1 BILLION honor . Not sure we can keep up with the 10 million honor loss per day hehe.


  • CM PopeyeCM Popeye Community Manager Posts: 1,308
    1st in the whole world, congratulations!!!!!

  • SirMichaelR (US1)SirMichaelR (US1) Member Posts: 16
    Congrats from Shadow Dragons!  Couldn't have been easy and definitely do not envy you that daily loss.
  • joel87 (US1)joel87 (US1) Member Posts: 6
    of you did you belong to  a super alliance  of 7-8 hives total 350-400 members hell I could've  done that toooooooooooooooo  so how does it feel knowing you did on backs of the little guys who don't belong to the super alliance, you didn't earn that on your own the 350- other members did it for you,  wow try doing that on your own then congrates would be in order  try being hit 2-3 times a day by 350-400members  who can heal n rebuild without the fear of being hit again  wow fair yep you or your friends couldn't do it f you had no one to protect you or wow help you, good job dude
  • Rambo4 (US1)Rambo4 (US1) Member Posts: 225
    @joel87 (US1)

    chill out dude at this point you're just spamming.
  • Getos (US1)Getos (US1) Member Posts: 95
    @joel87 (US1)  I am sure u r new to this server but ask your leaders. It was 2 alliances Rogue and steel dragon vs 1-2 alliance  but then they called everyone they could to defeat us and failed. Ask about the history of this server before assuming that i was the original creator of this super alliance idea :)
  • Shafaet (US1)Shafaet (US1) Member Posts: 49
    Congratulations! you guys deserved it and you're efforts have payed out well! at this point you're pretty close to getting 2 Billion Honor, not sure when you guys will reach another milestone of getting 10 Bil Honor :open_mouth:
  • Getos (US1)Getos (US1) Member Posts: 95
    10 billion would be us losing 100 mil per day don't think with the new honor system we can earn that much per day lol
  • Shafaet (US1)Shafaet (US1) Member Posts: 49
    Yeah true, I hope they increase the Honor gain to compensate with the slow troop training time which they implemented few updates ago or else it'll nearly be impossible to keep up let alone Increase you're honor gain due to the daily loss at higher Honor Ranks.
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