verity (US1)

how is the ranks determined for alliances.  i look at one alliance that says it has 854 million honor. when you look at it the players all gave up their honor and they are lucky if they have a combined 100 thousand.
verity (US1)
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  • maybe the international one is working but this is not good.  no dragons, no tourney,  what's up with good game.  they just keep erasing my troops from the hospital.   i click to heal and the rest disappear.  i  am bleeding troops like crazy. i do n…
  • well this is horrible.  they keep on erasing troops from my hospital. i lose thousands of troops a day in each realm.  it only get worse.  you send a ticket and they do not answer. so what is the point.  then the tournaments are gone. you cant buy r…
  • it is crazy that developers think it is okay to give one piece of leather for up grading equipment from each villain.  i will be 90 before i can up grade equipment.  really one per villain?  come on!  also stop allowing people to give up their honor…
  • the idea of street fight being open to those who want to participate is a good one.  even if other players in your alliance aren't playing at the time you can still pick up honor.  you get good honor from street fights and it takes less time. also t…
  • I don't understand why a player is allowed to have a piece shield while they are attacking another player.  peace shield should not be up until after the attack giving the player or allies a chance to attack back. we need more rom to be able to writ…
  • I have a problem with the list players on my team.  the system automatically goes back to the top and I can not reach the player I am looking to message or check on their status, such if they have been playing.  if I want to remove a player that is …
  • but iron is the worst of all to come by. and I have done the calculations and I should have much more iron than I do.  it does not produce the iron it should.
  • I think it is crazy to only give one piece of leather for killing villains,  maybe it should be for levels in the 30's 1 piece, 40's 2 pieces, 50's 3 pieces, and 60's 4 pieces.  what is the point of killing higher level villains if you don't get hig…
  • i use a lap top to play but i would also like to use my tablet.  however it does not allow me to sign in. what good is that. i dont want to set up a new account just play the one i have. 
  • i frequently cant see the battle or amounts on the heros, so i do not know what has to be added. sometimes i have to ask a team member and see if they can see whether i am winning.that is just ridiculous.
  •  it is nearly impossible to get fur or leather for up grading equipment for heros.  no matter how big a villan  you attack you only get 1 piece of fur.  it should increase according to the level of villans.  also dragon give you two pieces of fur re…
  • the new length of recruitment as well as healing times is crippling my enjoyment of the game. you have to wait so long for everything. you would have to spend your life playing the game. in other words this is your only life. very sad, its not f…
  • how do catch someone exiting their castle and it seems they r going much faster than u? I landed on 1 guy 5 times trying to catch him and it seemed like he put on rocket booster. how can u make a hero go that fast?